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Monte do Remedeio

Estrada Nacional 261

Km 28

7570-725 Melides


N: 38º08'37,5

W: 8º44´04.1

© 2015  maria mar - surf & Guest house

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Melides beach is just a 4 km from our house and has a gorgeous lagoon.


Is a perfect place to visit with just a board, a paddle and native teachers. 


Feel the tranquility, sense the ocean breeze, listen to the birds and take home an unforgettable experience.


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Hitch a ride with us to the idyllic beach of Carvalhal in the desirable  area of Comporta. 


There you can learn how to surf  with the great team of Carvalhal Surf School.



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If you book directly with us you can use a bike at our House and visit our small village (just a few metters away), enjoy shopping in the small market with fresh fish, fruit and homemade bread.


Go by the rice fields accompanied

just by the  sound of water and birds.


And why not to go by bicycle to one of the Melides beaches that are just about 4 km and refresh with a good dive?






If you like to run or just take a walk, Melides is a great place! 


About a few metres from the Guest House you will find the rice fields with perfect sandy rails running in the direction of the ocean...


If not just a run or a walk, then just take in the pure air, see historical places, contemplate the magic of nature, full of birds and water that comes to the village from the natural brook in the Grândola mountain!



Melides is an environmentally rich place... Full of natural beauties and is a perfect place also to watch birds. 


Alone with a pair of binoculars, or with us to observe the magic of birdlife.